Rot texture

Good day.
I’m trying to control the texture rotation using arnet and I can’t find a way.
I have been testing the node for horizontal and vertical flip but I can’t find any node to rotate the texture and if it is possible to control the parameter by arnet.
Any solution?
thank you so much

Hello @Cueto ,

Please excuse the late reply, we have been very busy with the release of LightAct 4.3.0 these days.

Sadly as of right now, there is no way to rotate a texture through incoming DMX values. However, this is something we have added to our backlog.

Once the feature has been developed and released, we will be sure to share the news in the changelog of that specific release.

All the best,

thanks for your reply.
Although it tells me that it is not possible to use arnet to control the rotation, I would like to know if there is any other node that can rotate a texture.

Hello @Cueto ,

During the time of speaking, there is no node dedicated to texture rotation. To be more specific, what I referred to as our solution for rotating a texture through incoming DMX values is a new Texture Rotation node with input values that could also be controlled through DMX In.

Would you mind me asking, what is your specific use case? I am not sure if you are aware, but if you are rendering a Texture to a Canvas, which you would later map to a Viewport object, you can actually do some texture rotation during the mapping process in the Canvas Setup window.

Here is an example:

If you would later like to manipulate the rotated texture mapped on the Video Screen, you can do so by using the Get Texture node:

I hope this was somewhat insightful. If you have any more questions, please let us know!

All the best,

Good morning Sarah.
Thanks for her suggestion.
We work in a “real time” environment on live TV shows.
Many times we have to place a Logo in a camera shot and adjust its size, etc., but most of the time it has to be rotated a few degrees to the left or to the right (clockwise and counterclockwise rotation), so we need speed and it needs to be It can be done on any layer and without modifying the canvas that is being used by other layers.
I hope this helps to understand it.

All the best

Hi @Cueto ,

I see, thank you very much for explaining. In this case I believe the best option for you is to wait for the Texture Rotation node.

As mentioned, we will make sure to announce it in the suitable changelog when it is ready.