Sending Lists via OSC to Unreal

Is there a way to pass multiple OSC addresses through one node in LA and then further to UE?

Example: I would like to be able to send 01/x/ (var), 01/y/ (var), 01/z/ (var) through one port and one handle and then get the different addresses with different FIND nodes with one SHARED MEMORY node in UE.

Hello @datamorphana,

Each OSC Listener listens to only one OSC address, so you cannot listen to several address using just one OSC Listener node.

That being said, would something like this work for you?


i see thats what i’m using and works fine.

the problem is more convenience, for example a frequency analysis already has 25 values so i would need to set up already 50 (25 devices, 25 listener) components in LA, type 25 port names.

i don’t know if you see it overall beneficial for future releases: but some other program have this feature that you are able to send multiple addresses and values via one port and then root them, filter them etc. by addresses.

my dream would be if i could get my specified addresses in the 3rd program directly with the FIND node in UE and the other way around as well that i type the OSC addresses into the string map in UE and get them in the 3rd program by that address…


I understand. It’s a good suggestion and we’ll discuss it internally.

However, are you sure you need 25 OSC Reader devices? It should be possible to use just one OSC Reader device and then map 25 OSC Listener nodes to the same OSC Reader device and just use a different address in each OSC Listener?

By the way, I don’t know what you are doing with the audio, but Lightact has Audio FFT as well.

This video is done with Lightact Audio FFT node which then sends all the values via Shared Memory Sender node to UE4.

Thanks for the clarification. Actually I didn’t understand that you can send/receive multiple values with one OSC address, that makes things much more convenient. I was sending one value per port :smile: stupid me! So basically you can forget my initial post.

But since im here i have some workflow suggestions which would be nice:

  1. opening up a project in the same state (the different subwindows) as i have left it

  2. copy pasting components

  3. something like a panel component that displays values in realtime on the canvas (this one might be harder to accomplish but i think its makes visual programming much more intuitiv)

But in general i can say I love it, great approach!

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Hey Christian,

Thanks for the suggestions. Some of them we thought of as well actually - especially some way to see the value of a variable without having to go to a Layer Layout just for that.

One way, though, to do something similar is with the help of String to Texture, Texture Crop and Texture Add nodes as shown below.

This way you can create a texture which shows you the values of your variables in real-time.

By the way: what do you mean by “copy-pasting components”? Which components do you mean exactly?

good to know! by copy pasting components i mean in general the ability to get a second instance of any currently highlighted component if you press ctrl c ctrl v

I see. Thanks for that. At the moment you can copy/paste nodes in layer layouts and objects in the Visualizer. We are still working on layers and nodes in the Devices window.

Be sure to post your work on our FB channel so we can share it around! :lips: :metal: