Share texture from Lightact to Unreal

Hi, I am quite new with Unreal and Lightact and I’m trying to understand the texture sharing workflow, more specifically, from Lightact to Unreal.

What I’m trying to do is to have a projector (or a thrower) projecting content onto an OBJ in Lightact. Then, I would like to preview the same OBJ with its content in Unreal for previz, exactly as it was set up in Lightact. Basically, the Unreal and Lightact project would match and work in sync but, the content would be controlled from Lightact and the Unreal project would be used for previz purposes.

So far, I was able to link a simple unreal project (blank project with only a sphere) to Lightact and set up a projector throwing content on the sphere. Now I’m wondering what should be the next steps to send the same texture/content to Unreal.

I watch a couple of tutorials and read some documentation from your website but I couldn’t find specific information to achieve this. It would be really great if someone could describe the steps to achieve this kind of workflow and even better if someone could share a sample project. So far I only found a sample project that used texture sharing from Unreal to Lightact but never the other way around.

I hope this message was clear enough and thanks a lot for your help!


In terms of sharing texture from LightAct to Unreal, my first suggestion would be to use Spout.

LightAct supports it natively, whereas you’ll need to use one of the Spout plugins for Unreal available online.