Size of UI in 4x 3840x2160 setup

I am using LightAct with 4x 4K projector setup.
One of the projector is used for GUI since there is no way to have 5th output for GUI and everything is controlled from my notebook over AnyDesk desktop share application.

The GUI is really small :). Is there any way how to make it bigger? I was trying to do it over "Make everything bigger in Display Setting (100%, 125%, 150%, …) " function in Win10 but in that case I am loosing output resolution. For e.g. when the zoom is setup to 200% LightAct Display Output setup thinks that my monitors are only 1920x1080px instead 3840x2160px…

Do you have any ideas how to fix it? The side effect is that I am making a lot of mistakes trying to make a Free Form Warping :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help.


Hello Josef,

Which particular part of GUI do you find small? :slight_smile:

A connected question: are you using warp & blend in Canvas window…

…or in Texture Warp & Blend node?


Canvas window.

What is the performance diffrence with the Texture Warp & Blend*?
It is another question I had on my mind . I guess that one of the cool features is that is “canvas independent” and I can apply the same transformation on more canvases right? :).

Regarding the size, I am talking mostly about “Text size of all elements” not only in Canvas windows.
For example the Navigation bar is really small :smiley: (I am little bit blind :slight_smile: ).


Hi Josef,

I’m afraid there is no way to increase the text size of all elements at the moment. Sorry. :slight_smile:

There is no performance difference between warp & blend in Canvas window and Texture Warp and Blend node. They both use the same algorithm.

The node is certainly canvas independent, so if you want to apply the same warp to different textures, you can just copy the node and its setup should stay the same.

I hope this helps.