Smooth value

Hello, good morning, is there a node that passes from one value to another when faced with an event?
I have tried the “Smooth value” node but I have no way to reset it to 0 once it has gone from 0 to 1, for example.
I am testing the possibility that before an event a layer will fade in opacity from 0 to 1.

Thank you so much



That’s correct. Smooth value node holds it’s previous value so at the moment, you cannot reset it, I’m afraid.

You might want to experiment with using Add nodes as shown below:

One friendly hint, you might want to try using Print to Console nodes in combination with Console window (Window->Utilities->Console). This way it would be easier for you to see what’s happening in your Layout.

All the best,

good morning.
Thanks a lot for the suggestion.
I see the way you propose using the ADD node until the sum reaches a value.
Greetings and many thanks again.