Sphere projection

Have a question on how best to approach mapping a sphere in light act from a sphere in unreal
Basically if I had a planet in unreal what would be the best approach to mapping that onto a sphere surface in the real world.

Hi there,

Interesting question (as always)!

Before we get deep down into UV mapping, spherical projections and texture baking, perhaps it would be good to ask first if current Lightact’s projection mapping capabilities are enough for you to project onto a sphere (they are scheduled for a larger upgrade in the next few months)?

For example, did you have the chance to look at the Projection mapping sample project (in the Projection mapping category in the Welcome screen) and this projection mapping tutorial?

Would these functionalities be enough for you to map a texture onto a sphere?


p.s. I am in a timezone closer to you at the moment (Singapore) :slight_smile: