Spout PlugIn for Unreal 4.25

Hi there,

as described in the getting started guides, I have installed the Spout PlugIn from this Repo to my Unreal Engine Version 4.25.

Unfortunately it does not load for me. It works for 4.24 though. I am confused, since it should be working as descibed in the README from git.


Thanks for your help/input.
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Hi Andy,

Thanks for posting.

Now, as we are moving away from Spout with the upcoming 3.7.0-Preview release, Iā€™m going to take the easy way and give you a link of an already built plugin.


I just tested it with our sample project and it works on my end:

Our usual approach is to copy it to the project/Plugins folder.

Let me know if it solves your problem.

works! thanks for the quick response!

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