StereoView module

I want to consider using StereoView module.
Is StereoView module available for purchase?

It is available, yes. May I know more about your application so we can determine if it is the right product for you?

Feel free to either email or PM me if you’d prefer.

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Execute projection mapping, but at a specific timing
Waving as a trigger action to play the next scene. Can I do with a webcam?
The construction of the scene uses the Unreal Engine.


It is possible, sure. You can use a webcam with optical flow node or a realsense which would give you depth information so it would be even easier. Then you would probably want to use Get Pixel from Texture node, but first downscale the texture significantly using Texture resize node to reduce the cost on the performance.

You can check out this topic how one of our users was approaching the challenge. :+1:

Let me know how it goes.

We have confirmed that KINECT V2’s DEPTH camera can be used with Lightact.
We need a large depth camera, depending on the installation environment of this project. About 15 meters.
Compared to Real Sense, Stereo Camera of MYNT EYE S seems to have better specification of depth.

Is it possible to use MYNT Eye 3D Stereo Camera Depth Sensor?

Hello Atsushi,

It is indeed an interesting product. It is not supported yet in LightAct, but I don’t think it would be a lot of work for us to implement it. Would you be willing to discuss a custom development for this? If so feel free to email me or send me a private message.