Thrower on 3D models


I’m still doing test with the trial.

I’m trying to use a thrower to project virtual content on a imported 3D model with is my cyclo (3 wall + ground with round corner).
With as I understand we can’t project on the 3D model. We have to use UV map.
I read : Mapping Unreal Engine Content on a 3D Printed Model - #7 by meetya

But for unity worflow which don’t have nDisplay. What is the way to display the content the camera of unity in the thrower of LA through spout ?

In the screen shot we can see a screen, to show the thrower works, but no image on the cyclo. Does I miss something the only way is to use the “texture box” workflow in a layer ?

The UV of the whole cyclo is to huge to stream the full UV + performance issue.

In your big sketch mapping, I understand you use lightact just for mapping, and then, just display the content directly though UE. But for Unity workflow ?

What would be the work arround ?


At the moment, LightAct doesn’t allow you to use throwers to throw content on an obj, so the only way you could do it is to save your incoming spout stream from Unity into a Texture variable and apply it onto the cyclo wall as a texture.

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