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Hi - is it possible to have LA generate timecode clock and send an ArtNet Timecode (or other) to control other devices?
thanks Jason


I am afraid that’s not possible at the moment. It’s a good idea though. We’ll write it down for one of future releases.



Ok :slight_smile: next question. Can I play my video on 1 layer and output audio L+R to channels 1+2 and then have a second layer with a LTC track mapped to audio channel 3?



Is it possible for you to share a simple project file with me that would show what you are trying to do?

Also what is LTC? It certainly feels like I should know that… :slight_smile:

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Hi Mitja

here’s a very simple diagram of what I want to try do. Basically I would like to have 2 audio devices - device 1 is mapped to sound from the video layer (and is audio to the video track) and device 2 is mapped to the audio layer (and is LTC into the Ma Lighting Desk). IMG_4082
I’ve created a project with 2 layers and it seems i can direct the audio player to a specific device, but how can i know (or control) the audio playback device for the video
Project files: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.
LTC: Linear timecode - Wikipedia

thank you as always Jason

Hi Jason,

Now this took me a while to reply, didn’t it. Sorry. New website, new release, new everything :crazy_face:

Anyway, at the moment, it is not possible to choose audio device for the video player node. It just picks the first available (which should be the same as Windows default), I am afraid. I can have a look at that, if you want. Would it help if you were able to choose?

Update: You might be able to achieve what you want by changing the default Windows audio output device to what you want your video to output to and then select audio device for LTC manually in the Audio output node in the Devices window.

Let me know if it helps.


Hello again,

This took a bit less time than I thought: :slight_smile: Is this what you were looking for?

It’s going to be included in 3.3.1 which, considering we’ve just launched 3.3.0, is going to be released sometime in February. If you need it sooner, we can send you a preliminary release.

Let me know.

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Hi again - yes this looks perfect, as well as the ability to add more than one audio output device under devices
Many thanks