Tracking system and VR

I have two questions:

  1. Is it available or will be available, an integration lightact with tracking system? for example BlackTrax
    which use RTTrPM protocol? I am exacly interested in sending variables about position to unreal engine.

  2. Is there any support for VR gogles?

Hi Lukasz,

Thanks for your questions.

At the moment the answer to both is ‘not at the moment’ unfortunately. :expressionless:

Can you explain a bit further what exactly do you mean by VR support? Is it to be able to visualize a Lightact project in VR?

A more in-depth answer about the tracking system: even though Lightact doesn’t provide support for Blacktrax or a similar out-of-the-box beacon-based tracking system, it does feature UDP messaging. So depending on how your incoming stream looks like, you might be able to receive these positions and send them on to Unreal Engine.

I hope this helps.