TUIO versus Notch

Hello guys, I’m trying to received tuio data into a block notch…
So I use the tuio protocol input lightact and in the blocknotch I want to use the “Exposable Array” node that is made specially to received this kind of data in media server… But I can’t succeed to expose the input for this in the exposable array node… Somebody can help me with that?


At the moment, LightAct supports the following types of exposed parameters in Notch:

  • Integer
  • Float
  • String
  • Color
  • Image.

For more information please have a look at this user doc.

Just an idea, couldn’t you receive TUIO directly from in Notch?

Best regards,

Hello Meetya,

It’s what I thought.
For now we received the tuio in the notch block directly, and it work, but we want to use differents blocks in the same time and each one received the same tuio data… but tuio doesn’t like to share the same data between different application (block) so for now we need to set up different port for each block… It make the workflow quite long…
Use the tuio listener in lightact and the exposable array in notch seems to be the more efficent way…

So maybe something to developp in a future version of lightact :slight_smile:

Thanks you