Ue 4.25.3 black spout (resolution and other shown)

Hi, try to use spout plugin whith ue 4.25.3 sender work, but only black frame receiving (sender name, resolution, rgb are shown)

In ue 4.22 all ok.

Try to change workstation. Got black
Try to change spout config to memory share and etc. Work but got black.
Try to use your plugin build, from goole drive from another topic. Work but got black.
Try to compile by myself. Work but got black.
Spout to spout utilites test working.

Try to use your blank project fo 4.22. all work fine

All settings are ok, screen capture 2d, spout sender.

Can you make blank working project in 4.25.3 or ?

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for posting!

Hmmm, that’s weird. I’m using a blank BP project in UE4.25.3 and it seems to be working.

Some questions that might help us determine the cause of the problem:

  • Are you talking about packaged game or in-editor game?
  • And are you trying to stream from Texture Render Target or Viewport?
  • If you click on Help->Diagnostics in Spout DX11 Receiver, what does it say?


Also, what kind of a system are you running this on? I’m interested especially in the GPU configuration obviously :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, i’m stuped idiot, use “event play” not “event tick”,i think sender opened but frames not sending. Now its all working.
Thank you :blush:

Ps. Running on 2xrtx2080ti nvlink

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We all felt this way at some point, Andrew :slight_smile:

Curious what you are trying to do with spout & UE.


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Just try update some my old projects from 4.19 to 4.25 to use beautiful Niagara.

Do you try using spout with nvlink or sli config?

I didn’t but as far as I was able to understand from other users, they weren’t able to make it work.