UE4 to LA - Float reader not working


I followed the instructions of the tutorial to create a variable from UE to LA,
What I want to achieve here is when you go inside a trigger box in UE, the video texture inside LA should switch thanks to the float variable received.

The part in UE works, in the devices window the float changes to 1 when I am inside the trigger box, and 0 when I go out.

Outside the trigger box

Inside the trigger box

I reproduced the layer made in the tutorial (UE2LA), but the float reader doesn’t change at all. The variable stays the same like it’s not connected. I have no error messages and the name of the float is exactly the same everywhere.

Do you have an idea about what is wrong ?

Thank you

Hello Liam,

Thanks for your post and for detailed screenshot.

I am not at a computer with Unreal Engine, so I can’t really test the Shared Memory Reader/Listener, but could you please connect an additional String Reader and do a conversion to Integer as well? I’ve made a layout to show what I mean (where I’ve used a String Constructor instead of Shared Memory Listener:

This should make it easier to see what’s happening.

Please post your results here

Hello meetya,

Thanks for your quick answer,

I hope this is what you meant, here is the result I have : everything just stays at 0

I can confirm this happens on my end as well, so I’ve entered this bug into our database. We’ll fix it in the next release, but please do let me know if you need it sooner.

Best regards,

Ok , do you have an idea when it is gonna be approximately ?
It is not in a hurry, for now, but we are actually building a VR public space that is gonna open to the public soon so I would love to experiment and try to combine a VR experience with some cool stuff that your software could make me be able to do !

And thank you for all the efforts that the LA team does to make it accessible, and easy to learn. It really makes a big difference :slight_smile:

best regards,


We’ll prioritize it and it should be ready for you in the next few days. I’ll post an update with a download link here.

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Hi Liam,

The issue has been resolved. You can find an updated setup here.

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Great, thank you very much !

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