UE4Editor.exe incompatible in UnrealLink Window

On our main machine, the UnrealLink window is not accepting the UE4Editor.exe installed on G: drive.
Our secondary Machine is accepting the UE4Editor.exe installed on the C: drive.

Moving Unreal installs is tedious and I am hoping it is not the directory causing any problems.

Are there any known issues with UE4Editor.exe being incompatible for any weird reasons?

Hi Anthony,

I understand the annoyance. Can you please paste the entire filepath to your UE4Editor.exe on the machine where you are having problems?

The code that checks the validity of UE4Editor.exe path looks for ‘binaries’, ‘engine’ and ‘epic games’ and if either of the above is absent, it says the path is not valid.

When developing, we assumed this was going to be the case with all UE installations but maybe we were wrong?


I’m not currently on site, but I know for certain that it does not contain ‘epic games’ in the directory as I named it differently on instalation.

Tomorrow I will change the installation directory to the default filepath names and update you on my situation.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Hi Anthony,

We might have been over-zealous when checking this filepath, so we will remove ‘epic games’ from the checkup in the EA8 release that’s coming out next week.

In any case, let us know how you progress.


That solved it perfectly, I added ‘Epic Games’ to the directory and all is working great!

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