Unreal Engine, Lightact and Art-Net

Someone asked this over email

I think the software is really neat from my first limited Impression, also the detailed documentation is really helpful. Indeed i have a few questions. I want to create a realtime AudioVisual Performance using max msp and unreal engine. Later i would like to connect to something like resolume via spout for some realtime post processing of UE . So I was happy to see lightact potentionally adressing all this topics.

So here are my questions:

  1. Whats is the difference using a Blueprint project instead of C++ when building the LA plugins ? Is it mainly performance? Both seem to work.
  2. Is the udp connection restricted on the free version of LA in any ways? So far i tried only max msp to LA and from there to UE but not the other way around.
  3. I noticed that when sending a fast changing udp stream there seems to be glitches or small delays from time to time. As i perceive it it happens between LA and UE in the shared memory not between LA and max msp. Is there anything i can do to improve this?


  1. The difference between using a Blueprint project instead of C++ is actually only in the fact that when you use Blueprint you usually need to add a blank C++ class, so that UE converts the project to ‘Code’ one. Only then, it seems, does the command Generate Visual Studio Project Files work. There are other difference of course, but the performance of Lightact plugins is the same.
  2. Its not restricted in any way. But if you have any problems let me know.
  3. Shared memory stream is watermarked in the Free version, so that when you see a green label saying Free license blink in the main window of Lightact, shared memory stream stops (it actually says puts ‘watermark’ value into the ‘error’ key)