Unreal mesh not found


I get stuck at the first steps linking lightact to unreal, unfortunately.

Installing the plugin and opening the demo project in UE4.27, no problem. Opening the lightact demo project, saving a working copy, find it in UE, no problem. Selecting a mesh from the demo level to the projection object arry in the lightact settings window, press the “sync” button, .ulink file gets created, fine.

Lightact log says:
found 1 mesh. Mesh path ‘’ not valid. Rebuild mesh inside unreal and try again.

So…I set up everything on a second mashine…exactly the same error!
Both are on Windows OS, one 10Pro and the other 11.

What am I missing?
Thanks for you help!


Thanks for your message. Mesh syncing is a functionality that is being deprecated and is not yet available in LightAct 4.

I suggest you manually place the mesh in LightAct and, as LightAct 3 is not being developed anymore, that you upgrade to LightAct 4.

All the best,