Video playback

Hi I notice when I have a composition of several videos, that after the second loop of the entire sequence the video playback will always start with the very last frame played in the previous sequence, before the fade in / beginning frame of the video

Hi Jason,

Is there any chance you would send me the project (.la) file either via a Direct Message or just attach it in the reply? It might help us in reproducing the error.



hi Mitja

here is a link to the files on my onedrive - this should be public without a password…

thanks Jason

It’s not unfortunately. :slight_smile: I’ve sent you a DM with a similar text

Hi Jason,

I can confirm this is indeed a bug and I’ve inserted it into our tracking database.

It should be fixed in 3.1.1 (which is scheduled in the next few weeks). In the meantime, there are some workarounds mentioned in the above link (although I agree they are not perfect).

Some additional notes in regards to your project:

  • You might want to consider using just 2 canvases instead of four. For example, you can map all 3 vertical video screens to one 5760 x 1080 canvas and then have a separate fullHD canvas for the ground screen?
  • Test image: rectangles node might be useful when fine-tuning mapping.
  • As I mentioned in DM, using various Fade nodes might be useful for this project.

Otherwise, !great work! - excited to see the actual installation! :+1:


This is just to confirm that this issue (LA-12116) should be fixed in v3.1.1.