Warp / blend export for unity

Hi Meetya

We are concidering to use lightact for a projet we have to deliver in april. We create a show in real time with unity with some part which are interactive. we would like to explore a way to map 2 x 4 videoprojectors without using spout + lightact during the rendering for two reason:

  • spout add 1 or 2 frame of latency + possible risk
  • Lightact consume GPU

like Vioso system, they develop an asset for unity where you can import a their file format which include an equivalent of MPDCI. Thus, the warp/blend is apply on each camera. Then, we can display in fullscreen the output without mapping software.

I think it would be interesting to add it in your road map.
What do you think ?


Hi John,

We have this workflow, but only for Unreal Engine. See this page for more info.

At the moment, I don’t see us developing the same for Unity in the near future.