Warp point selection

please see attached screenshot.
whenever i try to select the far left/down warping point,
it always shifts the entire corner…
i just want to select the individual point.
sorry for the newbie questions…

i’m using the keyboard, with “shift” to toggle thru selection points…

edit 2:
light act v3.6.0


Hmm, I’m a bit confused. From the screenshot it appears you managed to select your corner point, didn’t you? In general, we thought it would be best if you first adjust the main corner points (we call them perspective points) and then fine tune with all the inner points. We actually didn’t think anyone would want to move the corner ‘inner’ point, only the corner ‘perspective’ point.

Also, judging from the screenshot, you are using a lot of inner points. It might be possible that you could save yourself a bit of time by following the procedure outlined above: so first adjust the 4 perspective points and then adjust the inner points as needed.

Also, how are you coming along with AutoBlend?

p.s. 3.6.1 is in the final testing steps and it should be out in a few hours or so.


currently i’m just playing around with light act :slight_smile:
therefore, i catch unusual things :slight_smile:
what i’m doing here is a normal warping approach…
to use 3dcal and autoblend, i have to prepare my 3d object better…
also get better real world measurements, to get useful alignment results…


the test grid generator is awesome!!!

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