Can't get OSC or UDP to work

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Hmm, I don’t know. I tried the TCP, UDP & OSC sample in the Intro window and it seems to be working fine.

Are you sure you you’ve got the correct network settings, firewall rules etc?


I reinstalled LA, checkt Windows firewall (I dont use any other) I gave the permission for lightact to communicate but seems nothing arrive in LA when is send stuff from Max Msp (neither OSC nor UDP) while i can receive it from other programs. It also used to work in previous LA versions… so really no clue7

Hello Chris,

I’m afraid I don’t have any additional ideas to be honest. This part of code hasn’t changed for probably more than a year and we cannot reproduce your issue in the office, so I am ‘shooting in the dark’ so to speak.

What I would try in your place is:

  1. Make sure the port LightAct is listening on is not taken by a different app
  2. try on a different computer
  3. try with one of previous releases (I don’t see a reason why this would help, but if you say this issue is limited to the current release I would be interested to know)

Sorry I can’t be more helpful

Good luck (and keep me updated if you find anything new).