Can't start streaming on Spout Writer

Hi all, I’ve been following the Unreal set up documentation and I’ve got everything as per the guide but I can’t seem to click the Streaming checkbox on the spout writer? And as such I’m not getting anything in Unreal
Thank-you for your time!


Thank you for posting. May I ask which licence are you using?

Hello, I am only using the creator trial just now to get my head around it, does that restrict me?



Unfortunately yes. Creator Trial and Free have 0 HD outputs allowed and this applies also to NDI and Spouts. You should get a yellow warning as shown below:


In the future we might re-instate ‘watermarked’ outputs so that people could play with the software a bit more for free, but at the moment you’d need to purchase one of the licences I am afraid.


I did wonder, no worries, thank-you very much!

Is there a way to get a non hd signal on the spout writer in the free tier?


I am afraid not. You’d need to purchase one of the licences.