Capture card support

trying to use elgato 4k60pro mk2 hdmi capture pcie card.
should be generic windows device, i assume direct show.
works fine in OBS, NOTCH, Pandoras Box.

i think it’s widely used for game capture and streaming…

would be nice to have it supported.



We will try to get in the office, but it won’t be in the next few days, I’m afraid.

I think the background issue is the fact that your LightAct crashes the moment you insert a Generic Video Capture Reader node, is that correct? That’s something we weren’t able to reproduce in-house, so it’s either that Elgato modified your setup somehow or that there is something else on your system that’s causing this issue.


yes, totally possible, although, i have the issues on 2 different systems, although both have capture cards installed ( one with the elgato, the other with bmd decklink quad sdi).
since the decklink quad work fine,
i ordered a decklink quad hdmi card.

but for smaller systems, it would certainly be a good option to have support for devices such as the elgato one.

do you also support bmd decklink recorder?
(that’s the single input capture card…)



Maybe my previous post came out a bit wrong. I’m not trying to deflect the blame. LightAct shouldn’t crash and we will continue to work so that doesn’t happen (or at least happen as rarely as possible).

We will order an Elgato card as they seem to be another low cost option besides BlackMagic.

Can you please specify exactly which BMD card you already tested with and which one you intend to purchase?

During the development, we used 2 BMD cards actually, a Decklink HDMI Quad and a very old obsolete one, the name of which noone in the office remembers anymore :slight_smile: . Both of them worked.


please, there was zero blame intended in my last post.
it’s certainly a great thing when a software supports many devices, but it can’t be expected to support all :slightly_smiling_face:
great to hear you tested the bmd quadlink hdmi, that’s the one i get!

and thank you very much for all the great support!


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