Changing unreal cameras from lightAct

Hello, my goal is to find a way to switch camera views in unreal throughout the day from lightAct. So see the view of camera 1 from 9am to 11pm and switch to camera 2 from 11pm to 3am.

I’ve found one possible way to achieve this for now which is to use a Time Between node and from there, pass a variable to unreal that communicates if we should have camera 1 or camera 2 display.

My question: is there a better/more efficient way to achieve this? Perhaps through passing command-line arguments to Unreal via the nDisplay configuration ?


  • this would be a project that would run for months and that would repeat daily and would have access to the pro license.

  • The main difference between camera 1 and camera 2 would be the aspect ratio

Hello Andrew,

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I think in general, the approach you are using is quite sensible. In general you’d want to minimize the amount of data being transferred between LightAct and Unreal and as I understand you are already doing it by transferring only a boolean variable.

May I also clarify, are you using LightAct 3? If so, I would suggest that you switch to LightAct 4 because LightAct 3 is not being updated anymore.

I hope I provided at least some help,

Thank you for your response Mitja, yes I confirm that lightAct 4 will be used

Hello Mitja,

I realized that the shared memory node is unavailable in lightAct 4 is seems ? I’m seeing a UE data Sender node but it is unclear how to use it. What is the right way to share live variables from LA to UE now with the new LA version?

Best, Andrew

Hello Andrew,

Sorry for the late reply.

I answered this question in the other topic.