Difference free LightAct version and paid version


I am experimenting with the free version of LightAct now and I am seeing a couple of functionalities that I saw in tutorials or in previous versions that are not available in the free version or that might have changed names? Those include the JSON shared memory sharer, the ability to change the port of the OSC sender and receiver, the Time-Between node, the time splitter node or the ability to get the date of the year.
Are those features gone or are they available in the paid version?


Hi Andrew,

Sorry for the late reply.

Free version has all the features available. The only limitation is the watermark.

However, there is still a lot of LA3-related documentation and tutorials which might confuse users. We are aware of this and will slowly remove this now that most of our users have made the switch to LA3.

In regards to your questions…

JSON sharer is available in the latest version of LA4. See this topic.

The port of OSC receiver and sender can be changed. If something is not working though, please let us know.

Time can be ‘exploded’ into individual components using Explode node.

For time between functionality, please use a combination of Larger and Smaller nodes.

It is true though that at the moment it seems it’s not possible to obtain a date of the year.

I hope this helps,