Does Lightact support Nvidia RTX 2060

I have been working with Lightact on several computers, but I had to install it on a new computer with NVIDIA RTX 2060 and it crashes when I start the application, so I’m thinking it’s because of the graphic card.
Or has anybody got the application running and just one second after it opens it crashes?

Hello Julia and thank you for posting to our Answerhub!

Hmmm, I doubt that it’s somehow incompatible with NVidia RTX2060. I can’t be 100% certain, however, because we don’t have this GPU in office to test.

Before we jump to this conclusion could you please make sure that:

  • you have all the pre-requisites mentioned in the README file installed
  • could you please send me the corresponding log file? You can find it in C:\Users\yourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Lightact3\logs

I saw that you sent your crash report to BugSplat. Thank you for that! It appears the error happens when Lightact tries to load images in the Welcome window. The error might actually be unrelated to that, but still, could you please check if the images were downloaded to the cache folder? You can find it in: C:\Users\yourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Lightact3

Also, is there any chance you change the GPU in that particular computer that’s giving you problems?

Thank you very much,

  1. Prerequisites yes :heavy_check_mark:

  2. Log
    Lightact Log File 2019-05-19 17-47-41.txt (225 Bytes)

  3. Images from cache

  4. The computer has been an assembled computer since the beginning, so I haven’t changed it and settings are right now in default after it didn’t work turning them as full performance.

Hello Julia,

Thanks for sending this over. I’ve got a few additional questions:

  • So, to understand you correctly, Lightact crashes approximately 1 second after launch, is that correct?
  • Do you see Welcome window at all?
  • Does the above quote mean, you got it working but had to change the settings from High Performance back to default
  • You seem to only have 6 image files in the cache folder, is that correct?.
  • Are they all valid images (if you double click on them in Windows Explorer, can you see the image)?
  • do you have a sampleProjects.rss file in cache folder?


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