How to create new textures?

Hey Mitja,

Quick question, how do I create a new texture in LightAct?

I’m trying to get this giant ring to display what the canvas is seeing in Unreal Engine.


Thanks for your question, but unfortunately I don’t quite understand what you mean.

If you are trying to map Unreal Engine output to Art-Net fixtures this user guide might give you a clue. In general, light fixtures can get content from a canvas either via a thrower or a video screen. A thrower throws (or projects) the content onto them whereas if you use a video screen, the fixtures grab the content from it. The difference between the two approaches are explained in the link above.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks again Mitja! Just read through the chapter on creating textures for 3D objects.

Hey Mitja! So here’s where I’m at:
I connected the nodes following your instructions but the Unreal Content still isn’t displaying on the ring.

I’d like for the Canvas1 display to be projected onto the ring itself if that’s possible. Let me know if I’m on the right track.

Thanks Mitja!

  • Roger


From your screenshots, it actually appears your ring is showing bits of canvas texture. It’s hard to see, cause the ring’s surface is so thin, but am I wrong?

In general: Lightact cannot project a texture onto a 3D object. The way a texture is displayed on a 3D object is governed, similarly to most other 3D packages, by its UV map. Are you familiar with UV maps at all?

A more general question: have you managed to display a texture on an imported object (.obj file) that has a larger area, for example, a plane or a cube?

In this thread for example, I’ve written some detailed instructions. Have you managed to successfully follow them?