Kinect 2 as input

Hi there,
Just downloaded Lightact and started exporing it.(Btw from the tutorials looks really great!)
I connect my Kinect 2 device in order to control a simple circle with my right hand just to start understanding the logic of the software. My layout doesnt seem to work.

I attached an image with my layout in case anyone can help.

Thanks for any help.


As far as I know Kinect outputs coordinates in the range of 0-1 whereas 2D Scene is in pixel coordinates, which are usually in hundreds or thousands. So you circle might actually be moving, but its unnoticeable.

It might be a good idea to use Float reader nodes to assist with the debugging.

Let me know how it goes,

Hi Mitja,
Thanks for your fast reply.
Could it be that i get nothing out from the Kinect Listener Joints output? The “cables” following this output are not “glowing” at all and my vec3 splitter doesnt seem to change its values not even from 0-1 as expected. I know the Kinect works fine beause from the RGB stream output i get a video stream to the canvas with “glowing cables”.

Thanks for your help.

Ah yes, I see. I think your Vec3 setter is not connected, so that part of your layout is not ‘alive’.

See if connecting Render to Canvas node to Vec3 setter with lifeline (green) connection resolves your issue.

In general, the connections should pulsate.

Best regards,