Realsense Camera Input distorted and lagging

I’m trying to set up a Realsense D435 depth camera for use with Lightact, and have run into a rather annoying problem. The camera was set up correctly and appears fine in the viewer, but when I try to use it in Lightact the preview is garbled and approximately 30 seconds behind. I have confirmed it was not the device, cable, or port, as a coworker was able to get everything working fine on his machine with the same steps and multiple devices.

I tried re-installing both Lightact and the camera drivers, installing the Realsense SDK, and a number of other common troubleshooting steps. I couldn’t find anyone else having the same problem, so I decided to post here to see if anyone has any insight as I continue to try to fix it. My firmware version and software/sdk versions all seem to be correct.

Lightact 3.2.0, camera information is below. It works fine in the viewer, as stated.

In lightact it looks like this, and has a ton of other artifacting and ghosting on top of ~30s delay.

Hopefully someone has encountered this before and I’m simply overlooking something. I cannot seem to find anything different between my coworker’s setup and my own. Thanks.


Just to confirm, so you have the setup working correctly on you colleague’s computer but not your own?

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That is correct. However, while debugging another issue, I found and solved the issue I was having.

It seems like camera input doesn’t work correctly using integrated graphics, which the application was defaulting to. Upon creating a custom rule to force it to use my good graphics card (To fix Spout issues), I tested the camera again and it seems to be working properly. At the very least it appears to have solved the issue.

I’ll leave this here in the hopes that it solves this issue for anyone else who comes across it. Thanks for the quick reply.


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Hey Robb,

If you don’t mind, I would like to check something with you. You mentioned you had a Spout issue as well (besides the RealSense one). Was it in UE4 or in Lightact? There is another user having problem enabling Spout in UE4, so I was wondering if you might experienced a similar issue.


Hi Mitja,

I looked at the linked post, and it seems to have been the same error I was seeing in UE4 when I was debugging as well. I commented accordingly, hopefully it can be of some assistance.



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