Running the .bat file from UDP

Is there a specification for running bat files from Lightact?
I would like to consider a specification that would restart the PC upon receiving a UDP signal.

Hello Atsushi,

Good to hear from you again!

I’m afraid not, but it will be in the next version :slight_smile:


Hello again @Atsushi,

I just remembered, probably you could also use Lua to do that.

I hope it helps.

you can use Chataigne

It manage a lot of device and protocol (module in chataigne) and manage in/out signal + show control aspect

In 3.6.4 (released today) we implemented Run .bat File node.

It allows you to do just that.

Nice idea, Atsushi! :slight_smile:

Hi, meetya.

Thank you.
I was also able to create a .exe to run .bat in the Lua script and then run it and restart it.

I would also like to try the Run .bat File node.


Thank you.
This sounds like an interesting application.
I didn’t know that.
I would like to try it because it seems to have potential to be used for other things as well.