Set output Device parameters with external config file?


I’m curious about the possibility of setting parameters for nodes in the “Devices” panel using an external configuration file, such as a JSON. Or, do these need to be manually entered in the file? I am working on an exhibit application in which the network configuration will likely change, and may have to be updated after installation. Would love to be able to update this in an external file, rather than having to edit it inside my LA project.

Parameters I’d like to set:

UDP Writer

  • name
  • receiver IP
  • port

Art-Net node

  • Manual IP value
  • number of ports
  • start universe


Hi Scott,

Thanks for posting and apologies for late reply.

At the moment this is not possible, I’m afraid. We will implement it for the next version (LightAct 4), but it is only going to be available sometime during the summer.

If you’d like us to implement it custom for you for a small fee in LightAct 3 please let me know.


After discussing with @David, we realized there might be another option. If you open .la file with a text editor (for example Notepad++) you’ll see it is a JSON string.

Therefore, it should be possible to write an external program that would:

  1. close LightAct
  2. open the .la file and change the IP address and other properties of the device nodes
  3. launch the project with command arguments.

Would this help?

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Hi Mitja,

This sounds like a great solution! I will try it and let you know if I have issues. Also good to know about LightAct 4 – looking forward to it!


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