Texture Swap

Good morning.
I have been testing the new texture swap node and it gives me two errors.

  • the image is flipped when doing a swap.
    -the image jumps when you change one of the two textures that enter the node.
    Therefore, at the moment it is not useful for the texture transition design on the same layer.
    All the best

Eduardo Cueto

Hi @Cueto ,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

The first issue should be fixed in the next version of LightAct. For now, I suggest you add the Texture Flip node, with the Vertical input pin marked as True.

Regarding the second issue, if you change Texture 2, while Texture 1 is at full opacity, there should be no jumping. Or does this workflow not work for you?



It uses Asset by index for testing to change a list of videos of different resolutions and also uses texture 1 in the changes.
Also try changing the texture using texture variables.

Hi @Cueto ,

This happens because Texture Swap adapts to the resolution of both Textures, so that neither Texture is cropped. After our previous discussion, our understanding was, that if we want to mix two textures, the resolution should adapt to the resolution of both Textures that it has to mix. Consequently, when you apply a Texture with a different resolution, the resolution of Texture Swap node will adapt, as well.

This node acts different than the Texture Blend node, which takes the resolution of the first Texture and applies this resolution to the second Texture by stretching it.